Saturday, June 27, 2015

Not as close as thought

Video blog this week.  Sorry for the shaky intro and crummy resolution... I'm working on it.  Cheers,

Thursday, June 25, 2015

Oh so close

This week I have been balancing the batteries and hooking them up.  Jesse began the balancing process by discharging each of the batteries (100 of them) to about 2.75 volts.  This took a long time, but by doing four at a time, it only took a week.

This week I took each cell from 2.75 volts to 2.650 volts.  This only took a minute or two per cell, but it still added up.'

Once they were balanced, I strapped them all together and put on the beautiful covers that Greg made.  It took a little whittling to make them fit, but they look great now.

Today I will go back and make certain all of the connections are correct before turning the two red switches that you see to the left.  They are the master cutouts.  Once they are turned on, things will either work... or go up in smoke.

We will trying spinning the wheels on Friday at our lunch meeting!

Finally, here are the calculations that Mike did for the bed lift.  I was really impressed how the calculations matched performance.  Great job Mike!  I'd be happy to post the spreadsheet if anybody wants it.

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Lift that bed, tote that bail

We've been a bit delayed, but I'm planning on low voltage wiring next week.  In the mean time, the boys got the bed lift complete.  It's wonderful.  Watch...