Friday, April 3, 2015

Creeping up on it

 This has been a week to work on battery boxes.  Battery boxes are probably the biggest hassle of a retrofit EV.  You have to put all those batteries somewhere, and they are heavy.  Cardboard boxes just won't do.

We found a great fabricator who got three of the boxes made up.  Friday we got them installed.  Jesse did a great job on welding some of the support members.  Ben was a man with a mission today.  Welding nuts and plasma cutting the frame to make it all fit.

To the right is Ben welding his nuts to his boxes.

Thanks to Brian for the fancy pictures,

The rear box was abotu 1/2 inch too wide so that meant some plasma cutting and grinding.  We had lots of sparks flying.

This is a mock-up of the cut-out switches.  There are two manual ones and two which are connected to ignition and charging.

Next week we will be painting and finish welding.  The front battery box will be fabricated and hopefully wiring will begin.

Still working to make it to the highway in May!

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