Sunday, February 15, 2015


There hasn't been much physical change to the truck this week.  The rear sliding windows were installed and a new prop rod for the hood.

This has been a week of organizing.  We now have teams to attack the many sub-systems that must be put into place.

  • Drive train - Jon Mick, Peter Davis, Duane Kaufman
  • Tilt bed - Mike Andrew, Steve Dieter
  • Battery boxes - Mark Begin
  • Suspension & brakes - Ben Paprocki, Dave Bauer
  • Steering - Duane Kaufman
  • Cooling system - Peter Davis, John Smith
  • Schematics & electrical design - Roger Watkins, Jesse Ransom
  • Software - Rich Morris, Feng Tian
  • Aesthetics & branding - John Miller, Jason Henry, Rob Podell, Brian Neeley, Sara Hilt
  • Vinyl wrap - Duane Erickson, Jason Henry, Rob Podell
  • Documentation & white paper - Steve Cantley, John Brassil, Feng Tian
  • Photography - Bryon Sande
  • Video - Rob Podell, Sara Hilt
  • Interior - Matt Blue, Jason Henry, Sara Hilt
  • Sound system - Andrew Hawkins
That's a lot of stuff to get done by May.

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