Saturday, July 4, 2015

On the road again!!!!

The good old Studebaker truck is once again on the road!!  

On Thursday I drove it home from bb7, 18 miles.  It was the best birthday present I could have.  There are three videos below.  Depending on your level of patience, you can watch the short (0:11), medium (10:00), or long version (17:00).

It was a great day, tremendous fun.  I want to thank the team at bb7 for all of their help.  When the truck is truly road worthy, I'll take it back for all to have a go at driving and enjoying it.

Greg Falendysz          Andrew Hawkins
Ben Paprocki              Bob Schofield
Bryon Sande               Duane Kaufman 
Jesse Ransom             Mark Begin
Mike Andrew             Peter Davis
Rob Podell                 Jason Henry
Dave Bauer                Ted Myers
Jon Mick                    Larry Holley
John Miller                John Smith

And perhaps some others that I missed... sorry if I missed someone

Short Version (0:11)

Medium Version (10:00)

Long Version (17:00)
by far the best!

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