Sunday, August 16, 2015

A little progress, a little setback

It was a pretty good week.  The motor and electronics are working well, although there is a lot of jumping very slow speed.  That turns out to be play in the rear end, so I'm going to have Denny's auto repair in Stoughton fix it after I get some parts.

Next I'm going to rebuild the steering box.  I found a great video on line, actually for a model of Jeep that uses the same box.  I will replace the bearings and the pawl (which follows the worm gear) and it should be good again.  This guy, who has rebuilt several of them says that the worm gear is always OK.  I hope he's right because that is a major part.

Next Thursday I'll take the truck to Madison Spring to get their ideas on fixing the front end.  The extended shackles may be part of the handling problem, plus the front end bangs metal on metal when you hit a road imperfection.

Last Thursday I took the truck to bb7 to be photographed.  It gave a number of folks there the chance to drive it some which made me happy.  It's still not good over 40 mph, so their drives were limited.  Unfortunately, somebody got overenthusiastic about opening the door and crunched the passenger side door near the top hinge... one more thing to fix.

However, it's sort of to be expected.  Things are still rattling loose and I work to tighten them.  It's still a big project, but at least it's on the road again and great fun to drive.

Finally, I took it to the Stoughton Coffee Break car show Saturday.  A lot of smiles, a lot of curiosity.  It was fun, but will be more fun when it's finished.

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  1. Finished? Really? Do you really think it will ever be finished? I doubt it. Are you still going to paint it orange or are you going to leave it white?


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