Friday, August 7, 2015


OK, OK, I'll post since I'm getting complaints...

Things are slowly getting better.  I have new tires, that reduced road noise and vibration.  I also removed the clutch and flywheel.

The flywheel was unbalanced and I was concerned that the motor bearing would go out.  After a bit of research on the internet, and speaking to my brother and Rick Beebe, I decided that I could remove them.  That still presented a problem of how to connect the motor to the transmission, but a little on-line hunting turned up the little item.  It's about 4" across, compared to the 12" diameter clutch assembly on the right.

Now it runs smooth as silk and I shaved 40 or 50 pounds off too.

Otherwise, Rick Beebe stopped by.  Rick was at EAA and has been watching the blog so he stopped because he was in the area.  He gave me a lot of good suggestions and we had a nice ride around the circuit. (pre-clutch removal).

This morning I took my first 'utility' drive to Stoughton to have breakfast with Kreg Gruben.  It's starting to get fun and I'm starting to trust it some.

On the agenda now is to take it to a local shop to look at the steering (still loose).  Finish wiring the turn signals.  Put in a new DC/DC converter. And lots of interior, windows, misc small stuff... oh yeah, and a parking brake.

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