Sunday, March 15, 2015

Front end and chargers

Not much picture wise this week.
  • Ben and Dave have been working to lower the front end.  It's going great, they are fabricating some new parts to make it all come together.
  • Greg has finalized the battery box designs for the back three boxes.  Parts go on order Monday!
  • Received delivery of the battery chargers and 300 to 12 VDC converter from EVTV.
  • Received the Bluetooth enabled Retro Radio.
  • Working on the schematic now.
In other news, I've spent the day working on how to wire everything up.  It is a bigger job than I expected.  Lots of choices and many considerations for safety from the high voltage.

Starting from the wall.  I plan to use an Electric Motor Works Juice Box Pro Plus 40 (quite a mouthful).  From there, the connection will be via the former gas filling spigot via a J1772 plug.  I will use a little AVC2 controller because it has the little bits of circuit to enable the J1772 circuits.  And finally from there to the dual Lear Chargers.

I've begun a schematic using Design Spark software.  It's freeware and pretty good.  It's taken a bit of time today to learn it, but I like it so far.  Here is a crude start.  Nothing to be proud of yet, but it shows the big pieces of the high voltage system.  Of course you can't hardly read them... something for next week.

That's it for this week.  More next time.

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