Saturday, March 21, 2015


My first selfie
I had a treat last Saturday that I must share.  I experienced, for the first time, the acclaimed largest urinal in the midwest.  It was almost life altering.  I highly recommend it to others.

Less awe inspiring, but more pertinent to this blog... progress this week.

John Smith has the battery chargers mounted under the cab.

Painted transmission, flywheel, adapter plate, clutch, and metal for chassis mod

I'd have to say the biggest effort was by Dave Bauer.  He machined (several times) parts to allow the front springs to be supported under the axle instead of above.  He and Ben have it almost licked.

These blocks keep the axle from 'spinning'.  It turns out mating machined blocks mating to cast axles are hard to measure.  After a bit of rework though, they look and fit great.  I'm anxious to see how the truck sits.

Peter has been collecting cooling system parts.  At the moment we plan to use the original heater core as the radiator.

To round out the week, here is Greg's latest cad drawing which shows battery boxes and cable routing.  The boxes are on order and due next week.  A quick powder coat and they will be ready to be installed.  Still hoping to be road worthy in May (2015).

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